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My Journal. My Rules. ❤

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Welcome to my world
About this Girl
The names Kimberly Anne. I have a few nick names such as Kimmy, Kimmybee, and Mrs Depp. I was Born on October 17 1985 which makes me a Libra. I am an only child. My parents are both doctors, my mother is a Cardiac Anesthesiologist and my dad is a Pathologist. they are divorced when i was 11 years old and my father is remarried. I love johnny depp and harrison ford. I am a huge fan of star wars and indiana jones. my favorite colors are black, pink and purple. I love dogs. I have epilepsy. I've had about 10 surgeries. I was born with congenital heart disease but it is fixed now. I love making new friends, i am shy when you first meet me but once you get to know me i am friendly and an open minded person. I love helping people. I love texting. I'm a huge movie buff. One of my talents is that i'm able to mimic different voices, like celebrity voices. I got that from my dad. I also have a good memory too. I remember dates very well. I have a learning disability in math.

Kimberly Anne Ross

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edith c baker school: 1991 - 1998
driscoll school: 1997 - 1998
learning prep school: 1999 - 2001
cotting school: 2002 - 2004
brookline high school: 2004 - 2005

Then I went to my first college called Beacon College in 2005 and graduated in 2009 with my first BA in human services with a minor in psychology. Now I have my 2nd BA degree in computer information systems as of April 30th 2011. Both of these degrees I graduated with Cum Laude.

Love Life

Rest in Peace
Grandma Anne & Grandpa Buddy, I know your both watching over me in heaven.

Plus my 4 rescued dogs ( Dewey, Tara, Simon and Lucy ). I miss you all very much.

Blinkies and Things that were made *Just* for me

Final Thoughts
Please respect my journal and my friends and i will do the same for you.
aerosmith, aim, amanda bynes, ancient history, animal rights, animals, anxiety, astrology, avril lavigne, awareness, backstreet boys, bejeweled blitz, beyonce, black eyeliner, blinkies, britney spears, celine dion, childhood, chocolate, chris brown, classical music, coffee, concert photography, concerts, cookies, corsets, country music, cuddling, dancing, depression, diet coke, dieting, disney, disney movies, disney music, dogs, dream analysis, dresses, drinking, ear piercings, epilepsy, evanescence, facebook, fairly odd parents, fashion, fetishes, fleece blankets, futurama, ghost hunters, glitter, golden retrievers, gothic style, grand mal seizure, graphics, graveyards, green tea, hair, halloween, handcuffs, harrison ford, history, holding hands, hoodies, house md, hypothyroid, icons, indiana jones, jack sparrow, jimmy neutron, johnny depp, journaling, justin bieber, katy perry, keira knightley, kelly clarkson, kisses, lady gaga, lindsay lohan, lingerie, lipgloss, losing weight, love, love letters, low energy, ludacris, lyrics, married with children, mental health, michael jackson, mountain dew, movies, music, mythology, new friends, nightmare before christmas, oldies, pain, panic attacks, pepsi, pet sematary, pets, photography, piercings, pink, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, psychology, pussycat dolls, quotes, relationships, rescued greyhounds, rihanna, romance, romantic comedies, seizure disorder, sex, shopping, singing, sleeping, snapple, snuggling, spongebob squarepants, support, sushi, t3, tattoos, texting, the simpsons, thyroid, topamax, travel, traveling, victoria's secret, wedding planning, weddings, weight, weight loss, will smith, witchcraft, writing, , , , , , , , , ,