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Friends Only. Comment to be added.
Please be at least 21 or older.
When adding me tell me where you've found me.
Tell me what made you decide to add me.
Also tell me what we have in common.

Please be respectful to myself & my friends.
Do not be rude or I will delete you.

It's my journal & I can talk bout whatever I want.

I do curse in here, if you dont like it dont add me.

I can deny anyone I want. It's my journal.

Also please dont randomly add me, i'll just remove/ban you :)

You've been warned.


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space_geek made my mood theme
enlanced made my current layout
fondle@lastcalled made my 2nd layout
hellovexation@starstring made my polka dotted layout
hellovexation@starstring made my pink and black stripped layout
snubbly made my pink and blue stripped layout
r_sambora_luvr made my nightmare before christmas layout, dont take!!
r_sambora_luvr made my skull and flower layout, dont take!!
uhmanduh523@jadedgraphix made my friends only banner
leopardbows made my skulls layout
leopardbows made my pink animal print layout
leopardbows made my three other current layouts
easy_to_corrupt made my animated little mermaid mood theme
feeltherain made my animated britney spears mood theme
dlaurora1955 made my taylor swift mood theme
laurahonest made my couples blinky
laurahonest made my unicorn sig tag
laurahonest made my goth girl sig tag
laurahonest made my mini blinkies
laurahonest made my castle friends only blinky
laurahonest made my couple blinky
laurahonest made my lucky couple blinky
laurahonest made my luis has my heart blinky
laurahonest made my johnny depp mood theme
laurahonest made my addicted to lj blinky
7thbullet made my dolphin blinky
iffier made my mermaid siggie
lindxsanity made my pink/purple fairy
cherany made my pool side girl blinky
cherany made my dragon blinky
cherany made my angry birdy blinky
cherany made my fairy love blinky
cherany made my unicorn and castle sig tag
cherany made my stormy sig tag
cherany made my drink couple blinky
cherany made my pool time with animals sig tag
cherany made my doggie with house blinky
cherany made my purple dragon blinky
cherany made my witch blinky
cherany made my mermaid and friend blinky
fate made my teddy bear blinky
mysweetheaven made my naughty school girl sigi
sexaybeba made my graduation blinky
sexaybeba made my rip blinky grandma & grandpa & alice blinky
sexaybeba made my two gallery blinkies
krisp@smirky made my monkey couple sig tag
colorless_words made my lady gaga mood theme
tallie363@hypnotiic made my graduate of 09 blinky
madnesswithin created my starwars mood theme
shallowsea made my friends only banner
crusading_soul made my gallery blinkies
dafragileangel and peximely made my frankenstein couple blinky
dafragileangel made my pirate couple blinky
dafragileangel made my fairy rainbow blinky
dafragileangel made my bunny couple blinky
dafragileangel made my footsie bear purple heart blinky
yueshi@amillionblinks made my girl with dog blinky
yueshi@mondlichtung made my 3 gallery blinkies
rockgirl182 made my birthday blinkies
rockgirl182 made my panda blinky
rockgirl182 made my pandabear sigi
rockgirl182 made my tattered teddy bear blinky
rockgirl182 made my jewish star blinky
rockgirl182 made my tattered girl and dog blinky
rockgirl182 made my we did it 2011 blinky
rockgirl182 made my 101 dalmation bobble head blinky
rockgirl182 made by easter basket and easter bunny blinky
rockgirl182 made my angel and pill p2b blinky
rockgirl182 made my wizard of oz and too cute p2b blinky
bratieb89@o_s_s_pixels made my blinky
ricanprincesa made my christina aguilera mood theme
ladypoe made by gothic girl sig tag
tool made my vamp blinky
wildflower4ever made my friends only banner
redwingprincess made my epilepsy ribbon awareness sigg tag & heart & digeorge sigg tag
tallie363 made my dragon blinkie
dinoraurx made my pms blinkie
dinoraurx made my kinky blinkie
hisescape made my breast cancer awareness teddy bear sig tag
christie made my snowman and birdy blinky
prettyxinxpunk7 made my geek blinky
italic made my halloween kitty blinky
jackie made my winter themed blinkies
snorchu made my so sweet girl blinky
blizzardskies made my polar bear blinky
blizzardskies made my strawberries blinky
speakingsoul made my miss cutie girl sig tag
saferwaters made my washing machine blinky
saferwaters made my bear blinky
saferwaters made my butterfly dangle blinky
saferwaters made my 80s blinky
saferwaters made my reindeer blinky
saferwaters made my shooting stars blinky
saferwaters made my gem blinky
saferwaters made my cinderella couple blinky
saferwaters made my minnie mouse sad blinky
cupcake@cupcakedesigns made my tinkerbell blinky
hisescape@hypnotiic made my catapiller blinky
phyncke@hypnotiic made my make a wish blinky
phyncke made me my teddy bear with girl sig tag
phyncke made my name sig tag
phyncke made my smooche blinky
designercorner made my panda sig tag && my freebie goodie bag
livingdeadgirl made my coco and ginger bread blinky
livingdeadgirl made my girl skull blinky
livingdeadgirl made my blinking skull blinky
livingdeadgirl made my moon and girl blinky
livingdeadgirl made my dragon sig tag
livingdeadgirl made my winnie the pooh blinky
mistylucidity made my cyworld blinky
7thbullet made my girl blinkie
remus@swivel made my pink bear with boom box
remus@swivel made my new years eve bear sig tag
luna_frost made my sally blinky and princess blinky
cooljameslb made my dance girl blinky
pixiegrl_11 made my angel bear sig tag
pixiegrl_11 made my submissive blinky and angel blinky
pixiegrl_11 made my bear sig tag
pixiegrl_11 made my skull dangle
bratieb89 made my best friend sail boat blinky
adorablexi made my starlette gothic girl blinky
adorablexi@hypnotiic made my gothic fae
adorablexi made my cute girl sig tag
adorablexi made my goth girl sig tag
crinkle made my coffee blinky
my_kingofkings made my peace love happiness blinky
clumsily made my spongebob blinky
vapor made my skull blinky
vapor made my pink bunny blinky
vapor made my teddy bear with stars blinky
vapor made my deer, snowman, kittykat, and ladypenguin blinky
vapor made my bunny with chicks blinky
vapor made my two bunnies and river blinky
vapor made my small princess blinky
amour_douxx made my one of those days blinky
amour_douxx made my chocolate candy blinky
amour_douxx made my panda bear blinky
amour_douxx made my pooh bear blinky
amour_douxx made my other panda bear blinky
amour_douxx made my two gallery blinkies
amour_douxx made my two lj bear blinkies
amour_douxx made my two cap graduate blinkies
amour_douxx made my fruit blinky
amour_douxx made my panda with flower blinky
amour_douxx made my pooh christmas tree blinky
amour_douxx made my thanksgiving blinky
cranes made my coffee addict blinky
taracarter made unlock my heart blinky
jeanamarie made my lava lamp blinky
jeanamarie made my piggy blinky
speakingsoul made my love bear blinky
mommy_0305 made my price charming blinky
mommy_0305@razzleberryrain made my kiss me you fool blinky and sweet dreams blinky and journal and watching over you blinky
mommy_0305@razzleberryrain made my name banner
mommy_0305@razzleberryrain made my aladdin blinky
mommy_0305 made my journal blinky
flowerycharms made my new layout that i'm currently using
malone121104 made my clown blinky
italic made my 3 freebie blinkies
italic made my devil blinky
italic cyworld mini pink girl dress blinky
italic cyworld mini blue girl dress blinky
italic made my girl blinky
italic made my halloween blinky
italic@hypnotiic made my devil blinky
hisescape made my irish blinky
hisescape made by irish girl blinky
hisescape@slippers made my dragon sig tag
daynavon made my love hurts teddy blinky
daynavon made my pink mermaid blinky
nikiah made my bullsh*t blinky
fairytale made my goth girl blinky
fairytale made my snow white blinky
brutal made my kitty sleepy time blinky
brutal made my butterfly dangle blinky
brutal made my unicorn with pink hair blinky
brutal made my hello kitty blinky
brutal made my drink blinky
sassymilf made my grease couple blinky
gad21 made my girly zombie blinky
gad21 made my love my dog sig tag
gad21 made my skull sig tag
gad21 made my halloween sig tag
gad21 made my mermaid blinky
crescive made my monkey blinky
jovi_diva made my couple sig tag
crinkle made my pink bunny easter blinky
tsukisagi made my funny cats blinkies
tsukisagi made my angel blinky
fanciness made my monthly p2b blinkies
fanciness made my hello kitty blinky & my surprise blinky
kohler made my johnny depp jack sparrow mood theme
harts@enam0re made my music is life blinky
fate@crinkle made my spring time blinky
fate@crinkle made my toy soilder blinky
fate@crinkle made my castle blinky
fate@crinkle made my star blinky
yue_akuma made my fangirl cyworld blinky
moonshinefaeriemade by tropical drink blinky
moonshinefaerie made my christmas theme week blinkies
pinknbluestarz@igniteicons made my doctor blinky
rainbowmacabremade my dont piss me off girl blinky
marcykay made my locked only blinky
tv_fan_girl made my jungle friends blinky
jackie made my panda sig tag
gracekitten made my dear journal blinky
loveliness made my friends only blinky
latinadanie made my whale blinky
gad21 made my mermaid blinky
gad21 made my skull butterfly blinky
gad21 made my purple skull with girl blinky
sugarkissx@la_petite_cafe made my spring piggy and sleepy head blinky
aimzers84 made my ipod, starbucks, and, breast cancer awareness blinky and my december loved blinkies. she also made my kinky girl blinky.
Original layout coding by snubbly, with major edits by 7thbullet @ voidspells.
lovetiffany @ wiishes made my monthly layouts, please don't take them.
brutal @ ribbonized made the purple polka dot layout
lu_hesperia made my light pink layout do not steal
black_lacie made the layout im using now

If you've noticed some of these names have been crossed out could you let me know what their new names are? That would help me out greatly, so i can keep this entry up to date. I am keeping this entry public so all my graphic makers can see i do keep things credited. I mostly do hover credit now for blinkies.

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so I feel like i should change my user name, but not just yet, but if i did it would be related to a song that meant something to me... since i am a huge music fan. singing is a passion of mine, i try to sing least each night if i dont have a migraine or just a headache.